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Translation service

Have your English text translated into Danish, and vice-versa.

Reading translations can be helpful when you're learning a language.

Do you have a Danish letter you need to have translated into English? Maybe a song you'd like to see in Danish? A short story? Or a dating profile?

Whatever it is, I can translate it for you. 

Danish to English, or English to Danish.

I can do both. 

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The price depends on the length of your text.

The rates for translations are:

0-100 words: 70 kroner

100-200 words: 130 kroner

200-300 words: 180 kroner

300-400 words: 220 kroner 

400-500 words: 250 kroner

500+words: talk to me about the price at

Payment information:

Bank account:

Reg. nr: 6070

Account number 4846587



93 87 74 42

Sometimes when you're learning Danish, it can be hard to translate a text on your own. You might be worried that you'll make mistakes, or you just feel the need to double-check your translation with a native speaker (or maybe you don't have time to translate it)

This is why I'm here.

Contact me at and tell me what you need.

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