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Master Danish at your own pace.

Danish Mastery is home to more than 480 videos. 

Vocabulary, phrases, sentence patterns, grammar.

Videos about everyday life, traveling, work, friendship,

love, family, nature, weather and many more topics!




Not sure if the videos are for you? No worries. Just check the collection of free samples below!

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Learning Danish isn't easy, and if you've been doing it for a while, you know that it's hard to find a way that's both effective and fun, something that helps you learn in a way that makes you feel good, gives you energy and keeps you motivated.

Danish Mastery is all about making it fun, yet effective, entertaining, but always informative. 

Thousands of people have already used this method to improve their Danish, and now you can, too.

Preview of the video collection:


How I can help you with your Danish.


Perfecting your Danish text.

Proof-reading, checking for mistakes and fine-tuning texts of any topic or level. 
E-mails, letters, job applications, homework, etc. 
Price varies with length and level of text.


Translating any text.

Translating any text from Danish to English, or English to Danish. 
E-mails, letters, songs, newspaper articles, dating profiles, etc.
Price varies with length and level of text.


Narrating and recording any text.

Narrating, reading out loud and recording any Danish text. Audio file will be provided.

Letters, poems, newspaper articles, book paragraphs, single sentences, etc. 

Price varies with length and level of text.