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About the owner of Danish Mastery.

My name is Thomas Helbech Hansen, and I’ve been making Danish videos and materials for the past 7 years, and teaching for the past 5.
I’ve taught students from dozens of countries, encountered all kinds of challenges that learners might face and I’ve spent much time developing tools to help people learn the Danish language.
A little bit about where I’m from: 
I come from a small town (Like, really, really small) named Skibinge, found in the southern part of Zealand.
I grew up in the countryside, but have spent much of my adult life traveling around, having spent long periods of time in Spain, Japan and Taiwan. Sometimes I’m in Denmark, but most of the time I’m living in another country.
Since childhood I’ve had a passion for creative self-expression. Movies, music, drawings, comic books, etc. all have influenced the type of videos and materials I make. 
Making something entertaining or easy to understand has always been my main focus.
With this particular website, I’ve chosen to specialize in offering the services of proofreading, translating and narrating. I know how much of a challenge language learning can be, and I feel it’s my obligation to help people as much as I can, to make learning Danish a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

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