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Danish narration service

When you want a Danish text read out loud and

recorded by a native speaker.

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You might have a Danish text that you find interesting, but you don't know how it's pronounced. You want to know how it sounds when a native speaker reads it out loud.

Or maybe you just want to practice your listening skills in Danish.

Whatever the case, I am here to help you.

I will read your text out loud, whether it's a collection of text messages, excerpts from a story, a Danish letter, or whatever it might be.

Any type of text, any length. 

You will receive the recording as an MP3 file.

The price depends on the length of your text:

0-100 words: 70 kroner 

100-200 words: 130 kroner 

200-300 words: 220 kroner

300-400 words: 300 kroner 

400-500 words: 370 kroner 

500+ words: Talk to me about the price at

Payment information:

Bank account:

Reg. nr: 6070

Account number 4846587



93 87 74 42

Only you know what you need. Contact me at and tell me what text you want to have read out loud, and also how fast or slow you want the pronunciation to be. 

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