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Proofreading service.

When you've written a Danish text and you need it proofread

by a native speaker and teacher.

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You probably sometimes find yourself having to write something in Danish.

Maybe an e-mail or a message for someone, or even a story. So you write it, but you don't know if there are any mistakes. This is where I can help you.

Letters, e-mails, or whatever it might be, I can proofread your Danish text.


You'll receive a corrected version of your text, compared to the original, so you can learn from the mistakes and improve your Danish writing!

The price depends on the length of your text.

The rates for translations are:

0-100 words: 110 kroner

100-200 words: 210  kroner

200-300 words: 300 kroner

300-400 words: 390 kroner 

400-500 words: 480 kroner

500+words: talk to me about the price at

Payment information:

Bank account:

Reg. nr: 6070

Account number 4846587



93 87 74 42

When you're learning Danish, it can be useful to have a helping hand, someone to tell how to improve and what mistakes to look out for. 

I'll be happy to proofread your text.

Contact me at and tell me what you need.

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